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What The Pandemic Can't Take Away

This pandemic is taking lives, jobs, and money. It is separating families and friends. It is causing widespread panic and fear. But I know that there are values that even a pandemic can't take away from me, and by focusing on these values, I can grow stronger during this difficult time.

My Self-Worth

Even if I haven't changed out of sweatpants in the last few days, even if I haven't worked out in weeks, even if I've been living off of Kraft mac-and-cheese, and even if I lose my job tomorrow, I know I am still worthy. NOTHING, not even a pandemic, will ever be able to change that or take that away from me. My worth is not based on the way I look, the food I eat, or how much money I have in my bank account. I know that God has given me an innate goodness and worth that will never be taken away from me.

My Purpose

I believe that we are all called to be on this earth for a reason. We have been given unique gifts and talents to live our lives in meaningful ways. As unemployment is rampant throughout the country, it's important to know that our true purpose transcends job titles and companies of employment. We are called to be loving and caring human being, and this pandemic cannot take away the prayers we offer up to the sick, the constant thoughts of warm wishes we send to our loved ones, and the gratitude we express for what we still have during this difficult time.

My Core Values

At the core of my being, I am more than the activities I attend, the hobbies I have, and the things I like to do. As events and social gatherings are cancelled, I know that my core values that truly define who I am as a person aren't going anywhere. Love is not cancelled, gratitude is not rescheduled, and the goodness of God will never social distance from you. The values I hold near and dear to my heart are here to stay through this pandemic and beyond.

As this pandemic seems to take and take from us, we can use this time to stand strong in our worth, purpose and core values.


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