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A Meditation for Quarantine

Let's face it. We all need some help thinking about something, ANYTHING else than what's going on in the world right now.

With every news article, notification, every Tweet, and every post, I have more anxiety than I did the minute before. Every word, every conversation seems to be about The Virus.

During my time in college serving as a Retreat Leader, I learned about the power of meditation. Contrary to what I believed, meditation isn't always about taking your mind off everything. They can be about taking your mind off the negative, the abrasive, the weight in your life, and focusing on the positive, the good, and the joy in your life - real or imagined.

I have a created a meditation for quarantine - a much needed way to take your mind off of all of the negativity in the world, focus on the positive, and escape into a world of relaxation, gratitude, and joy.

A Meditation for Quarantine.

You are in an open valley.

When you look around you see blooming flowers.

The sun above you is shining brightly and warms your body.

You take a deep breath in and it fills your lungs with sweet air.

Your exhale and feel the weight of the world release from your being.

Your whole body is relaxed and loose, yet strong and capable.

You know that you can do anything in this moment.

You feel completely comfortable and beautiful in your skin.

Looking into the distance, you see the person you love the most walking towards you.

They make their way through the field to give you a comforting hug.

They look in your eyes and smile with genuine joy and happiness that they get to be standing in your presence.

You are filled with gratitude for this person, for all of your loved ones, for your many blessings, and for the gift of LIFE.

Your favorite person gently takes your hand as they walk through the valley and lead you to the the beach.

The waves crash gently around you, and you are soothed by the comforting and familiar sound.

You feel a refreshing mist on your face and take a deep breath to inhale the goodness of your surroundings.

You walk to a nearby hammock and lay down in the warm sun.

You close your eyes and feel completely relaxed.

You are comforted by the promises you know to be true -

You are safe.

You are loved.

Nothing bad will happen to you because you already know the end of the story and things work together for your GOOD.

You open your eyes and all worry and fear fade away.

Only goodness and joy remain.


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