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25 Self-Love Affirmations to Incorporate in Your Daily Routine

Self love affirmations are great ways to remind ourselves that we are loved and worthy. When we have days when the world gets us down, it’s important to remember the truth that despite what we look like, what mistakes we have made, and what we have been though in our lives, we are loved and worthy above all else.

Daily self-love affirmations can be recited in the morning when you wake up, while you’re in the shower, when you’re eating dinner, or at any other time of the day. They are little reminders that can be extremely powerful in combating negative thoughts.

I’ve incorporated some of the following self-love affirmations into my routine, and I repeat them to myself on days when I struggle with my body image. When I am dissatisfied with the way I look and have the urge to make my body smaller, I turn to these daily self-love affirmations to remind myself that I am worthy as I am, in the body I am in right now, and I do not need to change.

  1. I am loved and worthy

  2. My weight is not my worth

  3. I am beautiful inside and out

  4. My friends and family love me for my inner beauty

  5. My beauty comes from what makes me unique

  6. My body does not need to change in any way

  7. My body deserves love, rest, and kindness

  8. Self-care is good

  9. I am strong, smart and capable

  10. I can achieve my dreams

  11. I can never be separated from love

  12. I will let go of what brings me down

  13. I bring gifts and talents to the world

  14. I will not apologize for being me

  15. Every day is an opportunity to be the best version of myself

  16. I let go of grudges

  17. I am happy for other people’s accomplishments

  18. I am empowered in everything I do

  19. People see the strength and confidence within me

  20. I will not compare myself to others, as it does not serve me

  21. I have the best intentions for myself and everyone around me

  22. I will not be at war with my body today

  23. I aim higher than thin and pretty

  24. My body is good

  25. My body is my home

I encourage you to pick a few affirmations that speak to your heart and soul and recite them to yourself a few times a week. See how you feel. Do they differ from the thoughts that run through your head on a regular basis?

It would be inhuman for us to wake up everyday loving everything about ourselves and the world, but it’s important that the positive thoughts running through your head outweigh the negative thoughts. You deserve all the love and goodness in the world. Please don’t forget that! For weekly reminders of your love and worth, listen to the Ignited by Inner Beauty Podcast.


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