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40 Body Positive Books You Need to Read

Body positive books play a crucial role in fostering a healthier and more inclusive perspective on body image. In a world where societal standards often perpetuate unrealistic ideals, these books serve as powerful tools to challenge and dismantle harmful stereotypes and expectations surrounding body size and appearance. By focusing on everything from debunking the science behind what we believe to be "health" to sharing their own stories of coming to accept their bodies, the authors of these body positive books inspire readers to work for body acceptance and body justice.

When I have struggled with accepting my body image, many of these books have helped me to challenge diet culture and the problematic concept of thinness at all costs. By promoting diverse representations in literature, these books actively work against the perpetuation of harmful stereotypes and biases, ultimately contributing to a more accepting and understanding world. They inspire conversations about the importance of embracing all body types, promoting equality, and dismantling systemic prejudices that marginalize individuals based on their appearance. These are just some of the body positive books we have read in the Body Positive Book Club over the years, and they have served as inspiring sources of body positivity.

by Christy Harrison

Christy Harrison challenges traditional diet culture and promotes a compassionate, inclusive approach to health. Harrison explores the harmful impact of societal pressures around body image and advocates for a more mindful and balanced approach to eating that prioritizes well-being over restrictive diets.

by Lindo Bacon

Bacon advocates for a weight-inclusive approach to health that focuses on promoting well-being rather than weight loss. Bacon emphasizes the importance of intuitive eating, joyful movement, and self-acceptance as key components of a holistic and sustainable approach to a healthy lifestyle for individuals of all body sizes.

By Aubrey Gordon

Debunking common myths surrounding fat people, this book aims to dispel misconceptions and challenge the stigmatization of larger bodies. The book dismantles prevalent stereotypes, offering a nuanced perspective that encourages understanding and empathy towards individuals with diverse body sizes while promoting a more inclusive and compassionate approach to health.

By Aubrey Gordon

This book sheds light on unspoken aspects of fatness, encouraging open conversations and challenging stereotypes.

By Michelle Elman

Delving into self-perception and beauty standards, Elman encourages readers to question societal norms.

By Sofie Hagen

A memoir sharing the author's journey to self-acceptance and happiness, challenging societal beauty standards.

By Megan Jayne Crabbe

Empowering and transformative, this guide explores the impact of self-love on well-being, urging readers to embrace their bodies.

By Sabrina Strings

Delving into history, this book unravels the intersectionality between race and body image, examining the roots of fatphobia.

By Sonya Renee Taylor

Advocating for radical self-love, Taylor challenges societal beauty standards and encourages genuine confidence in this empowering read.

By Anuschka Rees

Offering practical advice, Rees guides readers in navigating a beauty-centric society to cultivate happiness and confidence.

By Renee Engeln

Examining the harmful impact of societal beauty standards, this book addresses the well-being of girls and women.

By Jes Baker

Baker shares a personal journey of empowerment, turning insults into nicknames and challenging body image struggles.

By Jes Baker

A guide for unapologetic living, this book challenges societal norms and promotes body positivity.

By Julie Glynn

Exploring the impact of negative self-talk, Glynn challenges unrealistic standards perpetuated by the inner critic.

By Gabrielle Korn

This book discusses navigating societal expectations, hypocrisy, and the pressures of social media.

By Angie Manfredi

Celebrating and exploring diverse experiences of being fat and fierce, this book challenges stereotypes and embraces body positivity.

By Naomi Wolf

Critically examining societal expectations of beauty, Wolf calls for a reevaluation of these standards.

By Susan Bordo and Leslie Heywood

Exploring the intersection of feminism, culture, and body image, this book offers insights into societal pressures.

By Amy Erdman Farrell

Analyzing cultural stigma attached to fat bodies, this book provides a comprehensive look at American societal views.

By Jessamyn Stanley

Stanley shares her personal journey of self-acceptance through yoga, challenging societal norms.

By Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby

Challenging dieting culture, this book advocates for body acceptance and declares a truce with one's body.

By Felicity Hayward

A manifesto challenging societal norms and promoting body positivity.

By Hillary L McBridge and Ramani Durvasula

Exploring intergenerational impact, this book delves into the complex relationship between mothers, daughters, and body image.

By Meg Boggs

Encouraging a more inclusive approach to fitness, this book embraces diverse body types and promotes body positivity.

By Da'Shaun L. Harrison

Examining the intersection of anti-fatness and anti-Blackness, this book explores the political and cultural context.

By Julie Murphy

A novel following the story of a confident, plus-size teenage girl challenging beauty pageant norms.

By Lexie Kite and Lindsay Kite

This book explores societal pressures on body image and challenges readers to see themselves beyond their physical appearance.

By Lisa Fipps

A middle-grade novel addressing body image and self-acceptance through the story of a young girl navigating societal expectations.

By Virgie Tovar

Challenging societal norms, this book promotes body positivity as a fundamental right.

By Christy Harrison

Critically examining the wellness industry, Harrison explores its impact on body image and mental health.

By Charlotte Cooper

Exploring the history and impact of the fat activism movement, this book advocates for social change.

By Rachel Wiley

A collection of poems addressing body image, self-love, and empowerment.

By Nicole Byer

A comedic guide to embracing bravery and confidence in a society that often stigmatizes fatness.

By Kiese Laymon

A memoir exploring the author's relationship with his body, race, and food, addressing themes of addiction, trauma, and self-discovery.

By Kate Stayman London

A novel following the journey of a plus-size woman on a reality dating show, challenging conventional beauty standards.

By Virginia Sole-Smith

Providing guidance on navigating diet culture and promoting a positive body image in parenting.

By Leah Vernon

A memoir exploring the author's journey to self-acceptance as a fat, Black, Muslim woman.

By Kimberly Dark

A collection of essays challenging societal expectations and stereotypes associated with age, beauty, and body size.

By Mirna Valerio

A memoir chronicling the author's journey to becoming an ultramarathon runner, challenging stereotypes and promoting body positivity.

By J. Eric Oliver

Critically examining the political and cultural factors contributing to America's obesity epidemic.


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